Excite Truck!!!!!!!


Excite Truck may be the best racing game I've played. It's incredible. You pick one of many sprawling, offroad courses, choose a truck with a ridiculous name like Dominator or (my favorite) Rad, and then drive at like 869105135 MPH, literally flying over hills and trying not to crash into too many things. And half the time your truck is on fire!

It has pretty much killed the Burnout series for me. Excite Truck may not be as pretty, but hey, you know what happens when you try to cram in a ton of photo-realistic textures: heinous load times between every race. And what? I can listen to my own music instead of the completely awful EA TRAX? I am so there. (So is Hotei.)

The difficulty level has been pretty good so far. I just unlocked Super Excite difficulty, so we'll see if it ramps up significantly. There have been a few tracks I've had to replay many times in order to get an S ranking, but whereas in other racers it would be like, oh great, time to try to drive that one again but try to crash into one fewer wall, with Excite Truck it's more like, oh boy, I get to do the drawbridge launch/oil tanker jump/tornado dodge again! YAY, EXCITE TRUCK!

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