Warning signs for tomorrow. (Flickr photoset)

If architects had to work like Web designers: "Please design and build me a house. I am not quite sure of what I need, so you should use your discretion."

A collection of professional pet peeves from Ask MetaFilter.

Maybe the world's first tortoise mod.

Six-word stories written by various authors. I enjoyed Alan Moore's and one of Charles Stross's, which are coincidentally both about time machines.

Lik-Sang killed by Sony lawsuits. :[

Battlefield 2142 expansion announced.

Space shuttle launch as seen from the International Space Station.

Court Records is a Phoenix Wright fansite with ART AND ART AND ANIMATIONS AND oh it is amazing.

How to LED-ify LEGOs for Halloween. Mini headless horseman = YES.

Mike Tyson quotes! He's such a kidder, that Mike Tyson.

Maps of War: Flash-animated history of empires in the Middle East.

The weirdest Guitar Hero video ever.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I always thought "Posting Will Be Light" would be a good blog name.

New York Magazine does a lengthy profile of Stephen Colbert.

baby panda noise is best~

Totaka's Song Thorough video documenting a secret song snuck into various games by Animal Crossing composer Kazumi Totaka.

Elite Beat Agents' travesty of a song list. LET'S DANCE?!???!!!?!?

This is how I roll.

Gallery of Nintendo toys from before they were all into games and Mario and stuff. It's got that stupid baseball boss thing from WarioWare!! And oh, how I would love to own a Chiritorie.

Extensive overview of the PS3's online services, by EuroGamer. This gives me more hope that it won't be a complete bust like with PS2, but Sony has a long ways to go to catch up with Xbox Live.

"Comic Sans: This is indeed the AOL of fonts."

Big list of rock band name origins.

Imagine Earth without people.

The Game, Reflected: Pinball photography by Kevin Tiell.

Deleted scene from Bruce Almighty in which Steve Carell bleeds horrifically and, well, I won't spoil it.

Archive of posts (read from the bottom) on Aleksey Vayner, a crazy fraudster whose video résumé is making its way around the Internet (and Wall Street). The testimonials from people who have met him are comic gold, including how he has to register his hands as lethal weapons at airports, and that he's one of four people in Connecticut trained to handle nuclear waste. (He also lied about writing a book on the Holocaust.)

Complete Guitar Hero 2 tracklist with YouTube video links. I love that the post actually says "geYouTubed."

Woman charged with using baby as weapon.

Batman never uses guns! (Unless he really needs to.)

This stop-motion Donkey Kong is arguably more labor-intensive than that Space Invaders one.

Need something to pass the time while waiting for EB/Gamestop to take Wii preorders? Create your own Mii.

The Battlefield 2142 demo is 1105MB and crashed the first time I tried to launch it. Glad to see DICE hasn't lost their touch!

The greatest Conan O'Brien sketch ever: The Clive Clemmons Inappropriate Response Channel.

Social Studies Fighter II

Museum camouflage by Harvey Opgenorth.

Guinness world record for most t-shirts worn at one time.

Street Fighter: The Later Years