List Entries

02.28.20105 games in 2009
02.28.20095 games in 2008
03.15.2008Flik's game of the year, 1980-2007
03.01.2008Game of the year, 1983-2007
02.23.20085 games in 2007 2007 roundup
02.22.2007Nintendo GameCube 2001 - 2007
02.20.20075 Games in 2006
01.21.2007Top 5 Wikipedia protected deleted pages
12.30.2006Top 5 classic items
12.28.2006AudioScrobbler year-end sort-of-roundup
09.22.2006Top 5 lyrics from Junior Senior's "Hey Hey My My Yo Yo"
02.15.20065 Games in 2005: wrap-up
02.10.20065 Games in 2005 #1: Shadow of the Colossus
02.09.20065 Games in 2005 #2: Resident Evil 4
02.08.20065 Games in 2005 #3: Ouendan
02.07.20065 Games in 2005 #4: Tekken 5
02.07.2006Ten track names for your new album
02.06.20065 Games in 2005 #5: Kirby: Canvas Curse
02.05.20065 games in 2005: warmup
01.17.2006Top 8 freakiest game moments
08.22.2005My gringo salsa list
07.14.2005Top 5 objects I have used to destroy spiders
04.26.2005Top five types of online quizzes that I hate
01.29.20055 Games in 2004
01.20.2005Top five punishments from The Beast 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004
01.07.2005Table of contents from my "Superhuman" class reader
01.06.2005AudioScrobbler, Episode I: VS iTunes
12.28.2004Things I saw in the returns line at Best Buy
12.02.2004Possible substitute screennames for HotDOG
11.23.2004Top five covers
11.09.2004Top ten song intros (beta)
11.08.2004Top 5 craziest simplified Chinese characters
09.01.2004Top 5 track names from King of Fighters: Maximum Impact
05.28.2004Top 5 track names from Guilty Gear Isuka
04.03.2004Top 5 track names from Shadow Hearts II
03.01.2004Let's statting!
02.22.2004Call the psychological police, 'cause it's a mind assault!
02.01.2004Super Stats Fighter II: The New Challengers
01.18.20045 Games in 2003
01.04.20045 Movies in 2003
01.04.2004A new millennium of stats (+4)
01.03.2004Few paths forbidden
12.01.2003Son of Son of Stats
10.09.2003Son of Stats
07.23.2003Mark of the Millionaire Millennium Hoobly Doobly 2001
06.03.2003New list
06.02.2003more rommel quotes
06.01.2003This just in
05.14.2003wtf grout
04.01.2003I hate April Fools Day
03.30.20032 + 2 = 5
02.11.2003Top 5 Web design don'ts
02.05.2003Top 5 King of Fighters bosses based on how much I hate them
02.04.2003Top 5 German past participles